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Water Truck Conversions
Water, it's one of our earths most precious natural resources. Here in Texas we understand the importance of water Very Well.

Pavers and drillers need water to make their site locations. Drillers also need water for drilling irrigation wells because rainfall does not always come when needed for the farmers and ranchers.

 So that's where our water trucks come in. Drillers really need a fast way of getting water out to their drilling sites. Also being in oil field country means there's always new drilling pads being made.


As you can see  we don't weld directly to your frame because this will weakin it.

Also welding directly to your frame won't allow your frame to flex as well decreasing your tanks life. Shown here are Rubber Mounts on which our tanks ride




Safety when stopping with such a large amount of water is a major issue. Baffles inside our tank however minimize the sloshing effect and allow your brakes to do their intended job.

This water truck has a large filler hole in top of the tank and also has a 2 in pipe which is not attatched to the tank to prevent flowback into city pipe lines.
 We can Custom Build any size tank you need and fit it to any make or model of truck. As you can see we can also bend your tank in different shapes.

We install L.E.D. tail lights in the back of our trucks. 


Also we can add any custom  toolbox to your water truck for storing water hoses or tools.