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Peanut Hopper
Loepky Farms built their first Peanut Hopper in 1999. Since then several changes have been made. The Shop has also been added on since it became Loepky Mfg. Which Caused turn out time to be greatly improved.
With these Great Hoppers, truck availability is No Longer the Primary Concern. And your chances against the weather are greatly improved. Now you can Empty in the Mornings when it's Wet and Damp so you can Worry about thrashing when it's Dry.
Our New and Improved Peanut Hoppers now come with Easy Acess Gate Handles. The Standard Dimenshiones are 60ft. long and 16ft. wide and hold an average of 4 eighteen wheeler loads depending on peanut variety.




We Also have an Optional Drying Package so you can Knock off Points While You Sleep Without the Extremely High Drying Prices.