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Conveyor Belts
NEW!  Loepky Conveyor Design !
Conveyor Belts are very vital and important pieces of equipment in the Peanut Harvesting Process. Without Conveyors the loading process would be a very pain staking task to overcome. Conveyor Belts also aid in the cleaning of the peanuts. A mounted fan blows out a majority of the trash and sand.

Loepky Mfg.'s Conveyors are built with a unique and different more light weight system. The Belting system is also a completely unique engineered design. This Greatly Reduced Weight  improves the handling and movement of our conveyor in  soft sand compared to previous designs.

Our Conveyor Belts also come with an electric lowering and raising winch.

Here You can see a close up of the Fan system which aids in cleaning the peanuts.  This improves your grades and your Income !  Also you can notice our Lighting here as well which provides Improved Safety in late night harvesting conditions.

We can Custom Cut any Size replacement Belting for Any Make of Conveyor at Great Competitive Pricing!