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24 ft. Landplane

Got some Land Leveling too do? Here's a Landplane for the job. We (Loepky Farms) broke out new ground for our own farm that had 15ft. tall sand hills. This Landplane is one of the most durable heavy built you'll find. We can also ship it anywhere in the U.S.A. our landplanes can be completely disassembled in about 30 minutes.

Landplane also comes with springs in back to loosen your top soil (needed in sandy areas like Seminole). These springs can be hydraulically lifted and lowered to adjust to your needs.

NEW!  14 ft. Landplane

Have a small Clearance but want the smoothness of a landplane ...  Got it covered for you. 

We also build an Optional three point hitch Drawbar. This Drawbar is for anyone wanting to do Serious Landplaning. This Drawbar not only swivels both ways but Rotates both ways meaning as far as you dare to push the limit with your tractor; the landplane will follow.